Cross-Roads & Choices

off the beaten pathIt continues to amaze and delight me that more than half-way through my life a fork in the road appears. As I am one to ponder, reflect, and contemplate more than my fair share I do wonder: am I creating the fork in the road or would the fork have come up anyway? Are we able to create the choices we get in our lives? I truly believe we are.

As cross-roads go, this one is no small country lane. It is more like a super-highway with one option allowing continued Continental learnings and exploration with a team of people I very much enjoy working with in a host country that I have grown accustomed.

A choice of moving back to my country in a new area for me close to or in NYC is a second incredible option – close to family and friends and a new adventure in living in the city – WOW!!! A fantastic option as well!

As one choice starts to move ahead in the list of pro’s and con’s it is funny how the smallest event can have an effect. Like stopping at a light and having a gorgeous horse-drawn surrey come through the lights with a grandfather and his grandson sharing the moment together. Or walking your little French Bulldog through the woods to the RAF World War II Memorial overlooking London to remember all those unnamed war heroes that died for Britain’s freedom both from the UK and other countries. All this around the corner from your rental house.

Sometimes when I’m at the cross-roads I find myself in a hurry to move on to one road or the other. This time I am going to be grateful for the road I am on and trust that the right road will present itself. But I’ll enjoy the journey where I am until then.

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