12 Apostles Cape Town

Travel is amazing! Currently on my second trip to So. Africa, this one to Cape Town and the Cape Winelands to celebrate the union of two truly unique souls. A wedding is the best reason to jet off to explore some new part of the planet. Especially a hot, sunny, blue-sky filled part of the world, some drying out is due after a very wet and grey, UK winter.

As I made myself comfy and settled in on Virgin Atlantic’s very cozy upper class pod, I couldn’t help but notice a lady sitting next to me who also seemed to be on her own. I noticed not to be a busybody but because there aren’t that many of us. Single ladies traveling on our own, that is. Business travel, yes. Not typically a 12 hour flight to an amazing holiday spot.

My neighbor did indeed turn out to be a remarkable woman. Her plan was clear once she arrived in Cape Town. You see her 95 year old mother, whom she had been caring for had died last year after Ms Single lady cared for her for many years. The family home was sold, as was planned. Here’s the fun part, Ms Single lady decided it was time for an adventure and after many visits is flying into Cape Town to close on her new home this Friday! Here’s the kicker, she is 72 years old!!!!! She told me she didn’t want to miss out on a life for herself so she took her money and is moving to So. Africa! Yes!!!!

A sign tonight on the Waterfront in Cape Town asked would be attendees to a local venue to find the venue at a new spot temporarily while they REIMAGINE the space. What if we believed we could REIMAGINE our lives? What sorts of things do you imagine but tell yourself you couldn’t possibly do? Is it possible the truth that you can’t is only something you have imagined? ‘Is it possible that perhaps you are the only thing stopping you? What if?

Wishing all the best to a courageous lady in Cape Town tonight who was brave enough to Reimagine her life!

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