Gratefulness for what is

combloux 2

IMG_4921You know those moments? Those times when your heart swells up with the goodness of it all, you have that moment of clarity about how much you are enjoying what you are doing and how good you truly have it? I love these moments. I guess we all do – we live for them.
This past week has been a bit like that. So much so that I’m on this blog that I set up over 18 months ago and haven’t made the time for in ages!
I had a week of travel with work last week. There was pre-work to get ready for the trips, ongoing calls and work to do to stay up with my highest priority project, all day intensive meetings working as a team of 13 to agree matters of direction, leadership, vision and strategy and the transporting, packing, organizing and preparing that goes along with moving between six cities in 5 days. And the element of being together with my colleagues for 3 straight days with no break. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and even into the evening for socializing. That is a lot of togetherness.
It was great. It was in beautiful places, we enjoyed the beauty, we worked hard and accomplished much.
I shared a few pictures on Facebook – none of my colleagues without their permission although I wanted to share the ones of my male colleagues sitting on tiny sledges together having a cuddle.
A dear friend responded that sometimes she wishes she was me. She’s a friend who has been there through better and worse with me. She was one half of the couple who opened their home for the meal after my husband’s funeral. Organized the food, booze and place for 300 people to show up and hang out in grief and shock over his loss. One of the most unselfish gifts I have ever received in my life and I have received many unselfish gifts from many amazing friends.
I sent her a private message back. I feel so grateful I have this chance in my life and took it to explore, travel and have the adventures I do. But I do it to fill the empty void that is part of my life. I look at her with her loving husband and their sweet life together and would trade it for the chance to have a loving partner in my life again. What I choose to do is be grateful for what is. As they say when life throws a lemon at you, make lemonade. Making my lemonade with style.

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