Who knew?

Blogging is not for the faint of heart or the ridiculously busy! I am gobsmacked that it has been so long since I have written. I googled A broad Abroad and realized I wasn’t as clever as first thought thus the name change.

As the job has brought me to the UK and continues to define how much (or little) time I have for other things, it needs to be addressed. After having my first boss relocated to the US and then the opportunity to co-lead our team here in the EU for the past 7 months, I now have a new boss. The only constant in this company is change. Luckily I have some skills in this area.

The good news is I am anticipating I will get some of my life back (in reality, planning on taking it back). So as I do at the beginning of each year sat and reflected on last year and what I would like to focus on for 2012. And the word is TRAVEL!!! My plan is to shoot for one new city a month for the year on 3-4 day weekends. The fun part is making up the list of cities! Didn’t happen in January so will make it up in one of the other months.

I have had a new addition to my family – her name is Maggie and she is a French Bulldog with lots of personality and is wonderful company. She is my new exercise partner and we are often in the Great Park enjoying deer, other dogs, horses, runners and cyclists. We are situated beautifully to be fit and healthy and she makes sure I get out.

Biggest challenge after one year of living in this country is the difficulty of meeting like-minded people to share time with outside of work. Firstly have not had that much out of work time!! and secondly it takes effort to find other transplanted Americans or foreigners. Whilst the British and Americans are cousins – we see life entirely differently from practically every perspective. The British acceptance of life being as it is and we should just accept it and get on with it can be entirely demoralizing to anyone who feels that a positive outlook is a plus. The Brit’s take pride in their hunker down and take it attitude. Years of practice prevails.

And the other thing that is predominant for me these days is the lack of sunshine and blue sky. I’m not saying I expected to have California weather, however, I thought I might see the sun once in 3 months… you have to leave the country to get a view of the sun and sky. Talk about culture shock as well as taking weather for granted!! A totally new perspective and appreciation for my California days – and yes, I am extremely jealous!!!

Have had a few trips so will upload some pics. Hope you enjoy them! xxx

One thought on “Who knew?

  1. Kimmy J….love reading this…so happy you are back blogging. Keep it coming. Love you girlfriend…can’t wait to hear about your monthly travels to a new country/village/city!!! I will send sunshine and blue skies your way…believe me…we have plenty here in the mountains of Lake Tahoe.

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