My First EU Holiday!

After 10 months of integration, assimilation, immersion, frustration, and anticipation I have finally been able to step away enough to schedule my first holiday (vacation in US terms).
I arrived mid-day in Naples greeted by a lovely young Italian man who drove me to a hotel hugging the hill in Amalfi. We drove through the craziest roads rivaling those Baja roads between TJ and Ensenada. Olive groves, lush vegetation, and grapevines all filled the hillsides between beautiful villas and ruins and ancient cathedrals. Persimmons and sago palms growing everywhere and rich deep green due to the volcanic ash from Vesuvius – fantastic and Lush.
Friday night in Italy – what to do? After a week that included three days in Switzerland in Neuchatel another beautiful old city on the lake with the Alps on the other side, I had only one choice. Sleep. Recharge to get ready for the exploring to come.

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