New Beginnings

It’s foundational. In order for one to begin and to move in the right direction, everything has to be working properly. Perhaps that’s why its taken this long for this blog to be born. The foundation wasn’t there. Lot’s of bits needed to be sorted (King’s English/slang – new lingo) now sorted and the foundation could be worked on. Never thought that my first picture would be the one attached. But in order to carry out and see and experience all that I plan to whilst ­čśë on my assignment (can’t say in Europe – the Brits don’t consider themselves part of Europe, it’s historical, as is everything – including why the doctor’s are called Mr. which goes back to the doctors being too good to ever actually touch a patient (heaven forbid) so they would have hairdressers come in to do the surgery and the doctors would just direct and be called Mr. Thus my surgeon

250K checkup and overhaul

was titled Mr. Logan. In England, they would rather be seen by a Mr. than a Dr. However, not sure how they can tell its a credentialed Mr. or Mr. Hargraeves from the pub down in the village. Anyway, big adventure – surgery in a foreign country. ┬áNeed to have all the parts working right to experience all that there is here. ┬áPreparing the foundation for what lies ahead….

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