Hello world!

Hello world!

Thrilled to be creating this spot to share with those that care and to begin to meet one of my goals while spending time here on “the island”!  And that was to write and create and to touch in with the left side of my brain that sometimes feels a bit like a couch potatoe compared to the right side that is a soldier day in and out at the office with my career.  Ah, stream of consciousness – watch out!  For some of you this may drive you a bit crazy.  I can live with that.  Living six thousand miles from everyone you know intimately with a bunch of Brits experiencing every single thing in your life totally differently than you’ve every experienced it before will give you some very different perspective.  And I think you are able to let alot more things role off your back – but time will tell and I’m sure so will you as we share.  So my hope for the blog – sharing experiences, travel, thoughts, weird and wonderful creatures, people, etc.  Except now I don’t have to do it by talking to myself walking around the cottage.  I think this is a much better choice.  Thanks sweet sister for the great suggestion this morning!  Clearly I was ready for a new outlet.  I am very excited to share, hope you’ll enjoy the ride!! xx

7 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Love you Kimi and look forward to this blog….as you experience life in the UK and beyond. You are a wonderful soul sister and I know that this will help me keep in touch with you as well.
    Much love and I know that this writing creativity will be awesome!

  2. Oooo this is kind of exciting – I always learn from your ‘stream of consciousness’ so bring it on! What happens when I comment like this? Does everyone see it or just you? Haven’t been involved in a blog before. KO

    1. We’ll learn together! Rather than read all about it and figure it out ahead (I invited my friend Robb and wonders he’s in the middle of reading WordPress for Dummies to start his own blog) I just jumped in. It’s pretty much how I live life! Glad you’ll be coming along for the ride. Okay – next thing – create your Gravatar! Global Avatar that will be seen wherever your blog comments go. You can upload a picture that will be your Gravatar – it’s very cool. Pick a picture from some cool spot – you have tons. How’d you like my knees?

  3. Jeff suggest the “V and V” combo….vodka and vicodin! Wow…amazing that you had both done at the same time….good luck with that…and get on a bike…so good for the knee recovery!! Have a lovely afternoon!

  4. This is a great idea Kimmy J. It will be know as Kimmy’s Travels. Can’t wait to read more. Love and miss you girl. My pedicure and manicure are not the same without you. 🙂

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